My Thoughts on Spirituality

A place to clear up the confusion that spirituality has become in our world.


Do you let your fear dictate your decisions? Are you living by fear in your Christian life? I was. Maybe you should read this…if you’re not afraid: FEAR NOTHING

Why are so many Christians making a habit of telling people they’re going to hell? Is this ever seen modeled by Christ in the New Testament? Maybe…but not as you might think! Who received Christ’s Condemnation? CHRIST’S CONDEMNATION!

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This section contains spiritually challenging posts that will push you, make you think, and challenge how you live. Please be sure to remember that while it may sound like it, I really don’t have all the answers. As always, if you wish to add anything, please leave a comment. Most Recent Addition: Christ’s Condemnation.

In this section, you will find a four part series on The Golden Compass (direct links below) and a writing on Stephen King’s The Mist. These are not movie reviews (except Part IV), but rather thoughts on the spirituality of movies and the spiritual messages that come out of movies.

[Direct Links to the Golden Compass Blogs]
Beware of this Movie? PART I PART II
Killing ME Softly: PART III
I Saw The Golden Compass: Part IV

The posts in this section vary from my thoughts on basic doctrine to a fun thought I had the other day. These are very diverse in variety, but easy to read and still spiritually challenging. Most Recent Addition: Life is Meaningless

An uncategorized blog about my recent experience in India.


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